Curated by Helen Frederick
Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Avenue, WDC
May 14 to September 19, 2013
Featured in Noetics is the work of Maria Barbosa, Rosemary Cooley, Oletha DeVane, Helen Frederick, Jenny Freestone, Amelia Hankin, Fleming Jeffries, Trudi Y. Johnson, Randi Reiss McCormack, Christine Neill, Margaret Adams Parker, Soledad Salome’, and Elzbieta Sikorska.??
The artists in Noetics know about the concept that the image is not the work but rather a lens of exploration carefully tooled by the artist to lead us to ask a question or perhaps to enter a reverie. They have given us richly marked forms and conjunctions founded on their insights coupled with acute sense of observation in the media of printmaking. With willingness to provide an opening for us to enter the intuitions of their images, they offer abstract and more literal meaning to guide us into a state of noetics. The works include objects of desire, notes from the natural world, liminal space, and disrupted visual words.

 The exhibition opened on May 14th and continues to September 9th.