Women Now

National Invitational

January 23 - April 9, 2017

Workhouse Arts Center Vulcan Gallery, Building W-16

Lorton, VA

Reception: February 11 6-9pm

In 1917, a large group of determined women were incarcerated in the Workhouse prison, now the Workhouse Arts Center. Their crime? Picketing the White House in support of women’s right to vote. Government officials considered them troublemakers and their treatment while prisoners at the Workhouse was harsh. History would know them as Suffragists. Their treatment aroused nationwide sympathy and played a significant part in changing public opinion leading to the 19thAmendment. Women got their voice.

In 2017, 100 years since the Suffragists’ imprisonment, the Workhouse Arts Center presents “Women Now” - an exhibit featuring emerging and globally-established contemporary female artists. The exhibit is an opportunity to promote great women artists working now, sharing their voice, while allowing the viewer to reflect on the past and future 100 years.