2007, smoked flax papers with digital solar plate chine colle’, ink can, burin, shell and ceramic flower, 36” x 60”, Montpelier Cultural Art Center for ON/OF PAPER, national paper exhibition

Release poses the question: How can we go forward when we do not know which way we are facing?

The hands seem to beckon and release, call out and implore, bear down and press forward. These hands have been recorded to recall parenthood, fear and creation. A mother, a friend with an affliction, a printer all relay meanings. You could say the circle is eyes and freedom. Jean-Luc Goddard calls the sun a supreme being because it can disappear. Yet images are etched from the sun’s light into our vision, collected and stored for a lifetime. Which way do we face to achieve freedom? Into the day into the night our mind is never free of memories and the power of images remains our guide and also our disguise.